New Tutorial

  • Chord Dictionary explains how chords are made accompanied with diagrams

Can be found here
New piano e-book
  • Basic piano chords and scales An e-book with many chords and scales

Can be found under Piano Resources
New theory e-book

  • Jazz Handbook Teaches the basics of improvising and playing jazz

Can be found under Music Theory
New Software
  •  ScaleTool Teaches scales and chords on the guitar and piano

Can be found under Utilities  
Tutorial Updated: Chord Construction
  • Chord Decoder Test your knowledge of chords or just find chords from notes

Can be found here  
New Piano Software
  • Piano Booster Shows notes from midi files so you can play along

Can be found under Piano Resources 
New Virtual Instrument
  •  Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard A virtual instrument with decent features

Can be found under Instruments & Effects